Exploring the human body as a form (object) to create visual harmony on the image plane, many authors will sooner or later come to the point where the question arises Which direction to take? Most of them choose the path of improving their methods and techniques which have been tried and tested before. They are just complicating their composite solutions, using exotic ways of lighting, experimenting with semantic load...

Anyway, a body remains an easily recognizable object – just a human body. Finally, they achieve the most successful interpretation of what has been done before many times.

Creating this series, I tried to move away from conventional patterns that most photographers use when shooting nude.

After careful consideration of a human body shapes, my attention was drawn to the contact area of the curves where they interact with each other and create the illusion of a line.

In my view, these lines are as perfect in their harmony as body parts that produce them. The harmony of the lines is as complete and complex as usual well-known human body shapes. Then a new idea started up in my mind – the correlation with the abstract notion of a vector characterizing the direction of movement in general.

Taking this idea as a basis, I created a series of works where the effect of interplay of curves and shapes in the contact zones associates with the movement in different directions, on the one hand, and living matter of a moving human body, on the other. This is the idea – the starting point to tune a viewer’s mind to pure contemplation and my attempt to show well-known women body shapes from a different shooting angle.